Biological Sciences Faculty / UFPA – Campus Altamira


Botany Laboratory

With a total area of 30m2 and 02 offices with 7.3m2 each, 01 Curation Room, 02 preparation rooms and 01 Herbarium with 44m2. Equipped with Binocular Stereomicroscope (01); Illuminator; Microcomputer (02); Binocular Microscope (02); Magnifying glass TECNOVAL; Vortex BIOMIXER QL-901; Centrifuge CENTRIBIO; Analytical Scale; Common Scale; NALGON Chapel; ONDOTOBRAS stove; Greenhouse with circulation and air renewal.


Ecology Laboratory

With a total area of 115.5m2, subdivided into 05 sections: 01 growing room with 24m2, 01 screening room / laboratory with 88 m2, 02 offices with 7.3 m2 each and 01 a cabinet with 9 m2. Equipped with microcomputer (04); voltage stabilizer (07); NO-BREAK (01); stove (01); freezer (01); binocular stereomicroscope (03); illuminator (02); the printer (01).


Computer Laboratory

The campus has a computer lab with 60 computers to attend students. The campus is linked to Capes' Website (allowing online access to databases and to various national and international journals in the area).


Microbiology Laboratory

With total area of 65 m2, subdivided into 04 sections: 02 cabinets one with 13.8 m2, and the other with 11.4 m2. Educational room with 36 m2, 01 darkroom with 3.8 m2. Equipped with autoclave (01); greenhouses (02); B.O.D (01); laminar flow hood; spectrophotometer (01); precision scale (01); bench pH meter (01); light microscopes (04); magnifying glasses (02); microwave refrigerator (01); freezer (02); microcomputer (01); water distiller (01); voltage stabilizer (02); NO-BREAK stabilizer; binocular stereomicroscope (02).


Zoology Laboratory

With a total area of 82.6 m2, subdivided into 06 sections: 01 collection room with 11 m2, 01 screening room with 13.5 m2, 01 didactic room with 24.9 m2, 02 offices with 7.3 m2 each and 01 a cabinet with 8.3 m2. Circulation area with 10.3 m2. Equipped with 05 microcomputers with internet access, 06 stereomicroscopes Zeiss Stemi DV4, 02 horizontal freezers. It also has a collection of scientific and didactic collections arranged on shelves and cabinets: Collection of Invertebrate Zoology (Via Seca Collection and Via Úmida Collection); Entomological Collection; Collection of Vertebrates (Via Seca Collection and Via Úmida Collection); Paleontological Collection.


Center of Earth and Sciences Pedagogical

With total area of 51.5 m2 subdivided into 02 sections: 01 preparation room with 40.2 m2. Office with 11.3 m2. Equipped with microcomputer (04); microwave (01); freezer (01); voltage stabilizer (04); the printer (01).